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Throught decades of extensive traveling. Most often, off the beaten track. I have found that it is not a lonely planet. It is a vibrant place, full of life and warmth. Craving to connect with you! This is a peek into that planet. Or the way philosopher Seneca would have put it: “I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land”. Join in!

Lydia Zωή

Owner Lydiasplanet
Lydia is a swedish traveljournalist and adventure/mediaproducer, working within the film/tv industry since the early -90's.

Wishes at the Western Wall

Wishes at the Western Wall

"I reach into my bag and pull up a note, its says: 'ΑΓΑΠΗ και ΕΥΤΥΧΙΑ, για όλη την οικογένεια μου – και εμένα!' I fold the note and awkwardly try to tuck it into the filled cracks of the wall..."

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